Six Major Priorities When You Need The Services Of A Tax Lawyer

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Hiring a tax lawyer is important so that you can meet your tax obligations. When you hire a tax lawyer, there are a few priorities that it's important to focus on. The following are six major priorities when you need the services of a tax lawyer. 

Hiring a tax lawyer well before any upcoming deadlines

While plenty of tax lawyers out there can come to your assistance regarding tax needs, you can't expect a lawyer to meet a tax deadline without enough advanced notice. That's why you should be aware of any deadlines you need to meet when you file a tax return and/or pay your taxes.

Hire a tax lawyer well in advance of any deadlines to make sure that you don't file or pay late so that you're subject to penalties. 

Making sure you provide all needed documents to your tax lawyer

Your tax lawyer may need certain documents such as your W-2 or 1099 forms in order to file your taxes accurately. If your tax lawyer requests a form or information, be sure to supply the needed documents or information promptly to get your tax needs taken care of promptly and accurately. 

Asking your tax lawyer all questions you have about your tax liabilities

Taxpayers naturally have questions about their tax filing needs and liabilities. Asking questions you have is important. If you're too shy and don't speak up about your tax questions, your tax lawyer might unknowingly neglect to include essential information in your tax filing. 

Agreeing to fees for your needed services in advance

The fee amounts charged by different tax lawyers can vary widely. You should be sure to agree on fees in advance so that you know what you're getting into when you hire a tax lawyer. 

Being available to respond promptly to all communication from your tax lawyer

Taking too much time to respond to correspondence from your tax lawyer can result in delays in your tax filings. Be sure to communicate quickly with your tax lawyer to avoid tax filing delays. 

Providing accurate information to your tax lawyer

Not telling your tax lawyer about income is not going to stop the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) from knowing about income. You need to let your tax lawyer know about all your income if you want your tax filings to be accurate.

Hiding information or income could come back to haunt you down the road because the IRS will most likely know about these things even if your tax lawyer doesn't. 

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