Settling Medical Bills During Auto Accident Claim

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If you have a pending auto accident claim, do not expect the defendant or their insurance company to pay your medical bills as you generate them. You have to wait until the case concludes and you get your settlement. Delayed medical bill payments can affect your medical treatment.

Below are other ways to pay your medical bills and receive prompt medical care.

Your Insurance Policies

Your health insurance policies are your first option for settling your medical bills. Below are some forms of insurance you can use for the payments.

Your Health Insurance

Your health insurance carrier accepts premiums so they can pay your medical bills if you develop covered medical issues, such as injuries from auto accidents. You can use all forms of health insurance, including private, employer-provided, Medicare, and Medicaid.

Your Car Insurance

Car insurance policies include medical payments (MedPay) coverage or personal injury protection. Both forms of coverage pay for your medical bills after an accident, irrespective of who was responsible for the crash. What matters is that your insurance coverage is valid.


Some people save money for use in emergencies, and an auto accident qualifies as an emergency. Since your medical payments are your responsibility and your health is the top priority, you can use your savings to get treatment. You can even liquidate liquid assets to pay the bills.

Payment Agreement

Many people do not have enough money to settle medical bills after an accident. Medical providers understand this; some are willing to negotiate payment agreements for their clients. The agreements allow you to receive treatment and settle your medical bills later.

A medical provider willing to negotiate a payment agreement with you will place a lien on your personal injury settlement. That way, the provider is sure of getting their money if you win your case. Use a lawyer for the negotiations, or at least have your lawyer evaluate the agreement before you sign it to ensure you get a good deal.

Personal Injury Financing

Auto accident cases sometimes conclude after years of legal processes. Some financial companies provide personal injury loans for injury victims who need money faster than they can conclude their cases. You can use the loan in any way you like, including settling medical bills.

Personal injury loan interest rates depend on your case's strength. Therefore, you need your lawyer to gather adequate evidence and convince the lenders that you have a strong chance at recovery. In most cases, lenders only get their money if you win.

Contact a personal injury lawyer to learn more.