Hit By a Truck? Understanding the Consequences

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Truck accidents are known to be far more impactful than those involving ordinary vehicles. Trucks are often traveling at high speeds, are very heavy, and can cause accidents with serious injuries for vehicle occupants.

Trucking Accidents and Causes

The below issues often underly the more obvious ones. When a truck driver is at fault, it affects how much compensation hurt drivers can be paid for accidents that were not their fault. The issues detailed below can easily lead to accidents.


Though truck drivers are supposed to be limited in how long they can remain on the road, the rules are not always followed. The need to get their cargo from point A to point B may override their need to take a break and a nap. That issue, as of late, has only become more problematic as supply chain problems plague retailers everywhere. Add to that bad weather and penalties for being late with a delivery, and you get drivers pressured to drive when they are simply too tired to be alert and safe.

When a trucker is tired, they may not be as quick to respond to slowing or stopped traffic and may even fall asleep while operating the truck. If you have been in an accident with a trucker, the driving log should be obtained to find out how long the trucker has been on the road without a break.


All drivers can fall victim to distractions, but heavy trucks don't have much room for error. Distracted drivers may be paying too much attention to a device and not enough to the road conditions. Truckers can get distracted by the same things that distract all drivers but with the added issue of stopping ability, weight, and size. When a truck driver gets distracted, it may cause more than a single crash if they are on a crowded highway — it can lead to a pileup and many injuries or deaths. An investigation into any devices the trucker was using at the time of the accident should be part of your accident claim.

Equipment Failures

If there is a single piece of safety equipment on a big truck that is indispensable, it's the brakes. However, some trucks have malfunctioning brakes and other important equipment. If you are in an accident with a big truck, a safety inspection should be part of your case.

Speak to a car accident insurance attorney about your accident and find out what type of compensation is owed to you.