Named as the Executor of a Will? Why You May Need to Hire a Probate Attorney

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If you've been named executor to a will, then you may not think you need a probate attorney. After all, it's your job to oversee the estate. But, that's exactly why you do need a probate attorney. Once you're put in charge of someone's last will, it becomes your responsibility to see that the estate is handled correctly. That's a lot of responsibility for one person, which is where the probate attorney comes into the picture. A probate attorney can give you the legal guidance you need to oversee an estate properly. Here are just four of the ways a probate attorney can help you. 

1. Keep the Estate in Good Health

If you're the executor of a will, then it's up to you to maintain the health and stability of the estate throughout the probate process. Failure to do so could put the will in jeopardy and could slow down the probate process. Unfortunately, it's not always easy to maintain an estate, especially a large one. One way to ensure the health of the estate you're responsible for is to hire a probate attorney. They'll help you to avoid pitfalls that could undermine the stability of the estate. 

2. Avoid Probate Delays

Now that you're responsible for someone's estate, it's crucial that you begin the probate process as quickly as possible. You might not realize this, but there are timelines that must be followed throughout the process. If you miss the filing deadline for probate, then the estate could owe taxes, penalties, and fines. Unfortunately, those fees pass on to the beneficiaries of the estate. If you're worried about missing deadlines or you're not sure what those deadlines are, then you need to hire a probate attorney. They'll make sure you don't miss any filing deadlines. 

3. Ensure Accurate Estate Plans

If you're the executor of a will, then it's up to you to ensure the accuracy of the estate plans. Inaccurate or incomplete documents can cause serious problems once the case enters the probate process. Each document will be looked at for accuracy. Mistakes can create lengthy delays in the probate process because the court will need to sort through each inaccuracy. When you hire a probate attorney, they'll go over all the documents before you submit them for probate to prevent mistakes. 

4. Reduce Family Conflicts

When you're the executor of a will, you may end up in the middle of family conflicts. Unfortunately, family conflicts can be quite stressful to deal with. If you're struggling to cope with family conflicts, then hire a probate attorney. They can handle the family conflict, which will allow you to do your job as executor of the estate.

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