How Can You Recover If You Get in an Accident With a Cattle Truck?

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The results of an accident with a cattle truck can be devastating. You may face large medical bills and significant costs to repair your car. You may also lose time from work while you're getting better. Here's what you can do to recover from an accident with a cattle truck.

Who Was at Fault?

A cattle truck is just like any other vehicle on the road. They have to follow the rules of the road and pay for any damage they cause to others. They don't get special privileges because they're bigger. In fact, truck drivers are often expected to know they can't stop as quickly, need more room to turn, and have blind spots. At the same time, truck drivers are all held to a higher level of training and safety.

If you've gotten into an accident with a cattle truck, you'll need to work with a truck accident attorney to prove what happened. This might include things like finding witnesses to prove who had the red light or who cut who off. Once you have that evidence, you can bring it to the insurance companies or a court and get the trucking company to reimburse all of your direct and indirect financial losses from the accident.

What if the Cattle Were Already on the Road?

You may also find yourself in a situation where a cattle truck has gotten in an accident with someone else or the cows have otherwise escaped. This would be a similar situation to if you hit a pedestrian. The owner of the cows might have some fault for them being out on the road, but you'd also be expected to be paying attention and stop if you could.

Who would have to pay would depend on exactly what happened. If a cow was just standing in the road, you'd probably take most of the fault. If the cow was standing on the side of the road and suddenly ran in front of you, the cow's owner would probably take most of the fault. If you got in a collision with another car because you or the other driver made a sudden move to avoid a cow, it would come down to things like whether you were maintaining a safe following distance and who already had the lane.

To learn more about how to recover from an accident with a cattle truck, contact a truck accident attorney today.