Ways A DUI Attorney Can Help You With Your Defense

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Being arrested for driving a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol can be a serious problem to have. When a person is convicted of this type of crime, there can be many ramifications that they will experience. If you have recently been arrested for this type of offense, there are several key benefits that you may be able to enjoy by retaining a DUI attorney to represent you in this matter. More particularly, there are three key ways that one of these attorneys can help you:

Minimize Your Self-Incrimination

During the course of being arrested, you may be asked many questions relating to the incident. While it may seem like answering these questions will be fairly harmless, it can be possible for you to inadvertently incriminate yourself in this matter through your responses. If you retain an attorney before answering these questions, you can minimize this risk by ensuring that you understand the questions and the ramifications that the way you word your answer can have.

Appeal Automatic License Revocation

As part of the process of being charged with a DUI, many states will have laws in place that automatically start the process of revoking a person's driver's license when they are arrested and charged with this type of offense. The loss of your ability to drive can have profound impacts on both your personal and professional life. Your attorney may be able to slow or stop this process, but they will need to be hired as quickly as possible as it can take time to prepare the documents needed to appeal or contest the license suspension. In situations where it is not possible to completely stop the suspension process, the attorney may be able to slow it so that you can make arrangements to minimize the impact this suspension will have.

Negotiate Potential Plea Deals

Many people are surprised to learn about the discretion that the prosecutor will have in pursuing your case. It is often possible for an attorney to negotiate with the prosecutor so that the charges you are facing or the sentence that could be imposed will be greatly reduced. The process of undertaking these negotiations will be very informal and delicate. As a result, it can be all but impossible to effectively negotiate plea deals without ample experience in this regard. However, an attorney that has a professional history of representing these cases will possess the type of specialized knowledge that will be needed to undertake these discussions.

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