Three Questions About Personal Injury Cases Answered

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When you are needing to pursue a personal injury claim against another person or business, it is important for you to be relatively informed about these cases so that you can be prepared for what to expect. After you have the following few questions concerning personal accident cases answered, you will find yourself better informed when it concerns protecting your rights.

How Will Your Compensation From The Case Be Determined?

Prior to deciding whether you will be filing a lawsuit, it is important to meet with an attorney to determine whether the value of the case will be worth the costs involved with contesting the matter. Unfortunately, it can be impossible to determine the exact value of a case, but your attorney will be able to provide you with a rough estimate of what could possibly be collected. To help them with this task, you will want to thoroughly document any expenses that you paid to repair your damages or recover from your injuries. You can document these expenses by retaining any receipts that you receive from these expenses.

What Evidence Will Be Used During The Proceedings?

The process of gathering evidence for the case is known as discovery, and it can be one of the lengthier parts of your case. Typically, this evidence will include the police accident report, photographs of the damages, injuries as well as witness interviews. Additionally, it may be necessary for expert witnesses to be interviewed during this process, and you may be required to answer questions as well as provide testimony about your version of events. The task of preparing these materials can be rather lengthy, but thorough discovery is critical for ensuring that your case is as strong as possible.  

Can You Get Help To Pay For Your Attorney?

Unfortunately, many individuals may assume that they are unable to afford to hire an attorney, and this can cause them to forgo pursuing these damages. However, you should be aware that many attorneys will not charge their clients until they are able to collect financial compensation for their clients, and this billing arrangement is known as a contingency fee. In addition to avoiding needing to pay the attorney's fee, many personal injury attorneys will also pay the court costs and other expenses, and the client will simply have these costs deducted from their final financial award. By working with an attorney that has this type of billing structure, you will be able to have the representation and counsel that your case deserves regardless of your financial circumstances. Contact a lawyer, like Law Offices of Stein & Rosenberg, for more help.