Did You Hit The Legal Limit On A Breathalyzer? Call A DUI Lawyer Fast

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If you were pulled over after a meal out and you barely blew at the legal limit when the cops gave you a breathalyzer, you want to call a lawyer right away. If the police are trying to get you to plead guilty to drinking and driving, and they want you to accept the charges, it's important you know you can fight the charges against you.

With the help of a DUI lawyer you can try to get the charges dropped, or you can try to get them reduced. Here are a few things you'll want to talk about with your lawyer when you have your consultation that they can use as evidence when you appear in court.

Was it a Trap or Setup?

Was the cop specifically waiting for your vehicle to pull out of the parking lot, in hopes to get you for drinking or driving? Did you feel like you were being targeted or like you were being harassed? If so, then you may be able to show that you were unfairly being sought out by the police, and that you are considering filing a countersuit for harassment against the force.

Did You Pass the Physical Sobriety Testing?

Did the police officer make you get out of the car and perform a variety of sobriety tests, which you passed? Many squad cars have cameras that record all activity out of the front and back windows, so if you can see on the tape that you finished all the tests without a problem, there shouldn't have been a need for the breathalyzer at all.

Was the Breathalyzer Calibrated?

The breathalyzers that are used have to be tested and calibrated frequently to check for accuracy. If the unit that was used in your case to test you was past the due date, then it can't be used against you in court. The lawyer will get a court order to check the unit.

There are a lot of ways that your lawyer can try to get the DUI reduced down to a reckless operation, and ways that you can try to get out of the charges so they aren't on your permanent record. Talk with a lawyer right away and try not to make any statements to the police about the incident without a lawyer present, and get an attorney that specializes in DUI cases, such as Hart Law Offices, PC