4 Tips To Help You Strengthen Your Bicycle Accident Case

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Being the victim of a bicycle wreck can be a difficult place to be. The extent of your injuries may require you to file legal action against the defendant. If you are intent on filing a lawsuit to aid you the recovery of your financial losses, you should be prepared to have a strong case. Knowing tips that will allow you to have more success with your legal claim against the other party may increase your chances of success.

Tip #1:  Prove your injuries

One of the first things, you will need to do is to get your medical records from your health care provider that shows the accident caused you to be hurt. It's a good idea to a get a signed letter from your doctor which states your precise injury and that It was a result of the bicycle accident.

Tip #2: Take photographs

It's a good idea to have a person take photographs of any bodily injuries that you may have. For instance, if you were bruised, cut or suffered broken bones because of the bicycle accident, you should have proof of these with pictures.

Additionally, don't neglect to take photos of the damage that was done to your bike, as well.

Tip #3: Violation of state laws

If the driver hit you violated the rules of the road for the state, these should be listed. Take the time to create a list of any charges that may have been made by the police officer if an official report was filed.

You can typically find a copy of the rules that must be followed at your local Department of Motor Vehicles office.

Tip #4: List your losses

One effective way to help you build a strong case is by providing written proof of your financial losses.

Documents you should include are listed below:

1. The amount of money you spent on medical bills for your recovery.

2.  The damage done to your bike and a written estimate of this from a professional repair shop.

3.  Documentation from your employer which accurately lists the amount of your lost wages because of the injury that you suffered.

Finally, being able to build a strong case for your bicycle accident is the best way to help you win it. By relying on the expertise of an attorney (such as The Law Office of Frederick J. Brynn, P.C.) in this area, you can legally know what to do for the best results.